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The Xtreamer Prodigy is next generation Realtek 1186 based media streamer with USB 3.0, Card Reader, 512 Mb DDR3 RAM, HDMI 1.4, an integral WiFi IR remote control and room for internal 3.5” HDD.

The Xtreamer Prodigy devices incorporate state-of- the-art technology, commonly used in high-end computing and consumer electronic solutions.

The highly-refined manufacturing process, timeless engineering and careful quality control have resulted again in a product that works out of the box yet embrace the highest long-term aesthetic and commercial value.

We hope anyone seek a very capable yet portable media player will find the Xtreamer Prodigy! to be a rewarding experience and a worthy investment both as FULL HD streamer as well as a vehicle to his favorite web sites and services on TV.

Xtreamer Prodigy Silver is upgraded with an internal Wireless 80.11n

The Xtreamer Prodigy with fanless sleek design low cost solution capable stylish Media Player base on the powerful
RTD 1186 CPU With integrated WiFi, HDMI 1.4, GigaBit LAN, USB 3.0, Card Reader as well as DTS HD & TrueHD with 7.1 CH audio.

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Xtreamer Prodigy Silver

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