The Future of watching Movies on HDTV

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Be The future of PVR arrives here

Unrivaled Dual Tuner PVR with Multimedia Player


M6620N is a portrait of future PVR with multimedia playback capabilities. For a PVR, it has dual tuners which enable you recording two RF channels simultaneously and it supports the time-shifting which can pause the live broadcasting. You can upgrade your HDD capacity any time with just simple insertion. In addition, M6620N has an unrivaled multimedia playback capability including playback 1080p full-HD movies, high-quality audios, high resolution photos with thumbnails and lossless high-resolution music files. It also includes Wi-Fi 802.11n USB Antenna which enables you connect your local network or internet, so you can playback all the contents on You-tube and other internet

media sites, as well as your remote PC in another room.


Dual tuner HD PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

With its dual digital tuner, M6620N is able to record two different digital HD broadcastings simultaneously and to pause live broadcasting (Time-shifting). And it provides Electronic Program Guide (EPG), so you can simply select two channels to be recorded on the EPG.


Universal Jukebox That Supports Most Of The Media Formats.

By supporting superb H264 video compression & MKV container format, you can enjoy full HD videos. On top of this, oncoming HD media backup files as well as DVD backup files are supported. It functions as a universal jukebox that allows you to enjoy videos and music of ultimate quality through full HD picture and High-Quality audio output. It can also playback today’s high-res photos and lossless music files.


HDMI 1.3, 11n Wi-Fi and UPnP support

HDMI 1.3 support allows you to set up and use video and audio signals conveniently with just one cable. Wired/wireless network connection is easily enabled with uPnP support, and you can easily play various multimedia files on the network. 6620N has comes with Wi-Fi 11n Antenna, so you can enjoy all the contents on your PC or NAS storage with wireless connection.



HD Tuner on this unit, designs to work with ATSC over-the-air Broadcast System Only, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, S. Korea… etc.


TVIX PVR M-6620N Duo