The Future of watching Movies on HDTV

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Dual Recording and Time-shifting Dual tuner HD PVR

M6620N is able to record one channel while watching the other or record two different RF channels simultaneously. With the Time-shifting, it’s always possible to delay watching the live broadcastings. Just pause it and play again. And the TVIX PVR saves recorded programs in HDD automatically and generates the file name in both sequence of date and alphabet.


Recording weekly program and EPG EPG and scheduled recording

M6620N provides Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that helps users easily select what they watch or record. And for weekly programs, just set the “Time” and “Cycle” to record your favorite program periodically. TVIX will automatically turns on by itself and starts to record periodically.

Upgrade, backup and editing freely HDD upgrade and PC connection

Sick and tired of erasing the old recorded files? You can upgrade HDD of your M6620N to any capacity anytime you want. Just grab a new HDD and exchange it by simple insertion. You can also transfer the recorded streams to your PC and start to edit them, since M6620N can be connected to your PC freely by USB or by network.



Best Full HD video experience with least capacity H.264 and MKV

H.264 is a highly efficient high-definition video compression technology used most frequently lately, and it is used for HD broadcasts, HD videos, HD DVDs and Blu-rays. If you convert a video file into this format, the size of the file gets reduced while the high-definition quality is maintained, which allows you to obtain an overwhelming video quality with the least storage capacity. MKV is a format that can store this high video quality, and it’s an oncoming generation format that is compatible with high-definition picture and sound. TVIX nicely plays Full HD videos that are saved as H.264 in MKV.

A single cable for newest digital video and High-Quality audio HDMI 1.3a

M6620N supports HDMI 1.3 output compatible with most of newest HDTVs and receivers on the market. With a single HDMI cable, you can watch 1080P Full HD digital video and listen to the High-Quality audio.

Internet video clips, pictures and weather search IMS: Internet Media Service

YouTube, Picasa, Internet News and Weather, your PC is not only one to enjoy those kinds of internet media service. Now M6620N lets you make it on bigger and better screen.

Movie playback through network UPnP, NAS: Network Attached Storage

Forget about configuration of your IP address and just go to the network through UPnP. Shared files including Full HD files on the UPnP can play without problems by wired or wireless connection. It also supports famous network protocols such as NFS, SAMBA and FTP, so you can connect your network whatever protocol you want.

As SAMBA server service is available, M6620N is also able to be used as a network storage device for those who are accustomed to Windows Search. And it’s possible to set a shared folder for users on the same network, and you can use it like a external hard disk drive of your PC.

Playback of lossless audio files

FLAC, Wave Pack – 24bit/ 96Khz

M6620N supports lossless audio files up to 24bit/ 96Khz. As the TVIX plays these formats directly, you can appreciate high quality of audio sound close to the original one.

File copy and paste without PC

Card reader installed

You don’t need to manage all sorts of TVIX HDD files by your computer. M6620N allows you to copy, delete and move the files through external USB or the network. In addition, through the card reader installed on a side of the TVIX, you can play, copy, move and delete what you took by your digital camera and camcorder.

HDD Exchange cannot be easier than this

Innovative HDD exchange

The new HDD bracket was innovatively designed to switch one to another in the shortest time and very convenient. Unlike the previous TVIX HDD bracket, you can assemble it to your HDD with a single screw and don’t need to connect the power cable and the date cable any more. Simply open the HDD cover and push it into the TVIX, that all.





Delicate High-Quality UI

High-definition user interface

M-6620N adapts high resolution (1080p) user interface to maximize the usability and quality of subtitle. It also supports true-type vector font which maintains the quality of subtitle even when the font size is changed.

Very cool, very quiet Low noise, low heat and low power consumption

In order NOT to disturb your time with TVIX, M-6620 adapts aluminum top case, 60mm ball-bearing fan and internal temperature sensing mechanism.

Thanks to the hardware design, working noise is almost eliminated and the working temperature is very stable. In addition, it’s also designed for low power consumption in stand-by mode (less than 0.5W).

Back-Ground Recording Dual tuner HD PVR

M6620N is more than just a multimedia player with the the dual digital tuner, it works as PVR (Personal Video Recorder) like program recording, a user can enjoy various media player functions like watching movies, listening to music and playing recorded program in HDD.

Wired connection for Full HD and wireless for MKV Wired & Wi-Fi network support


Through the network connection (wired/ wireless), you can appreciate all contents stored in your PC HDD without transferring to your TVIX HDD. M6620N can play high bit rated HD movie clips (up to 60mbps) without jittering in case of wired connection. And when using the 802.11n Wi-Fi Antenna, it plays most general HD movies (less than 18mbps)

Tvix Web-Remote 2.0 evolved more and more (Supprting Cover-art User Interface)

TVIX M-6620 transform your smart-phone to an excellent remote-control. You can select and control your movie and music by touching movie poster or album-jacket, and even searching, pause, fast forward and rewind are possible. (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, window-Mobile phones and computers)


TVIX PVR M-6620N Duo