The Future of watching Movies on HDTV

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HD Multimedia players are no bigger than an external USB Hard Drive. Yet they are packed with features found only in a PC.


Connected to your TV and wonder how you could do without it.

*It plays Videos, Photos and Music stored on USB 2 Thumb Drive, Digital Cameras, Camcorder, USB card Reader, External Hard Drive, Home network computer, NAS…etc or on the Internet.

Install a Hard Drive inside it and step to another level.

*Save and play all your Movies, Music and Pictures in one place.


Stop wasting time burning DVD/Blu-Ray or worrying about scratching or losing them. And start ripping all your movies, transfer all your photos and music to your player and watch them in Full HD 1080p. Even Web Browser, Bit torrent, NAS, FTP, UPnP...and Much more.


*some files might not play even file format and codec are supported.

MediaConcept is an online store specialize in HD Media Players. We are authorized reseller of Tvix, Zappiti, Mede8er, Egreat, HDX, TizzBird and Xtreamer Products.